Contacts for Developers
  • Keep all of your developer contacts in one place.
  • Search for new contact by GitHub username.
  • Save GitHub profile info to new contact in GitContacts.
  • Add any additional notes.
Want to reconnect with someone later?

Just ask for their GitHub username and save them in GitContacts.


Search for new contacts by their GitHub username.

If you're talking with a new developer acquaintance and need to stay in contact, just ask for their GitHub profile username.


Automatically retrieve a GitHub user's profile information and save as a new contact in GitContacts.

Using a GitHub user's profile information as the base for your new contact lets you store any GitHub profile information they've already added to GitHub: bio, personal website, company, etc.


Need to add additional information?

You can easily add notes to your newly saved contact.


All your developer contacts in one place.

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